Condom Advent Calendar: Great Idea?


We’ve all heard of Advent, that important religious period preceding Christmas, and probably this British inventor meant well. But there’s still the word, ‘advent’ with a lower case ‘a’ that implies the ‘important arrival’ of something. Well, Patent # GB 2,328,762, also known as The Advent Calendar has been here since 1999, marking eight holiday seasons with 25 condoms each. (That’s 200 ways to be ridiculous including one special way on Christmas Eve.)

The Advent Calendar works in the following fashion: a condom is held behind each door for selective removal. Information in the form of a new sexual position to try for the day is contained behind each door. The condoms all come in different colors, flavors and styles; a different one for each day in December. The Santa Claws Condom, however, which is red with a white rim and a white bobble on top, takes the cake and wins (whatever the prize) hands down.

Sex is important and it always sells, although no one can say exactly how many Advent Calendars have been purchased since they first burst upon the scene (God forbid) in March of 1999. Consider how other talented Inventor Spot writers have handled the topic of condoms and laugh at these as well. Body Beauty’s coverage of “Spray-On Snug Fit Condom For All Sizes” is very amusing as is Toby’s piece, “Kamasutra Condoms Add Inspiration To Protection!”

So what are you waiting for? Don’t stand there. Pick a door, any door and whatever it says to do, go ahead and do. Hopefully, no one, not even the well-intentioned inventor of this ridiculous thing, is watching.


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